The National Cannabis Information & Helpline

1800 30 40 50

Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm

Free call nationally, standard rates may apply for mobiles

Are you struggling to keep your head above water?

Using cannabis has been linked to respiratory illness, mental illness and loss of ambition. If you are struggling with your use, or someone else's, give the helpline a call.

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Need help talking with your teen?

What's the deal?

Talking to a young person about cannabis

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Cannabis and young people

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Effects of cannabis on young brains

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Worried about addiction?

Quiz: am I addicted?

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Can you get addicted to weed?

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Cannabis and dependence

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Cannabis and addiction easy read

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Need info about quitting?

What's the deal on quitting?

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Quitting cannabis workbook

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Is withdrawal real?

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Reduce your use online program

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Concerned about mental health?

Fast Facts on cannabis and mental health

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Cannabis and mental health 

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Cannabis and motivation

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Cannabis use and psychosis

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Top 10


to call


You want to quit


You want to cut down


Weed is affecting

your life and you need

more info


You're concerned

about a friend


You're concerned

about family


You need help

talking to your teen

about drugs


You're a teenager and

need more info


You're worried

You're addicted


You're concerned

about your health


You need help

with withdrawal





We receive close to 2,000 calls each year from people who want help or advice about cannabis use – their own or someone else’s.

  • Cannabis users -
    people who want to quit or learn more

  • Family -
    mums and dads of young users who need advice or someone to listen

  • Friends -
    people worried about a friend's use

  • Health Professionals -
    who need some support or new insights